Wednesday, January 27, 2016


We had to say goodbye to Dot today, but she left us with a thousand cherished memories.  She helped raise our children - teaching them how to be gentle with her ears and tail and the proper way to throw balls and sticks, not to mention protecting them from countless bunnies and squirrels.  She excelled at pheasant hunting with Shawn and simply hated that she couldn't go with him for deer and elk.  She harvested every single one of our pumpkins just as they reached softball size one year and is the reason we now have a fence around our garden.  She was Michelle's running buddy and made sure we got a number of rest breaks to properly greet everyone on the trail.  And she was the best at clean up - everything from the kitchen floor to the shower floor to jars and jars of maraschino cherries used during a messy party.  She was truly a best friend.  We love and miss you, Dot.

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