Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It helps when the teacher is in on the prank...

Eliana had a great math teacher this year.  I let him know that we had a deal with Eliana where we would allow her to get a cell phone if she kept her grades up through the end of the year.  So he created a fake report card and gave her a C in math with the comment, “Eliana really should have earned an “A” in math.  All she needed to do was work A LOT harder and get A LOT more correct answers.  I don’t think a “C” in math warrants a new cell phone…”

And when the report card came in the mail and Eliana opened it, her face became very serious, but she didn't say a word.  She just handed me the report card and I read the math comment out loud.  Finally Eliana started laughing and I told her the teacher was in on the cell phone deal.  The comment was perfect.  And now that Eliana’s heart is beating again she can not wait to shop for a phone.

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